Loft Conversions For Mansfield Properties

Mansfield Loft Conversion - Attic Extension Contractors

Rather than just being a makeshift storage area, your loft can quite easily be transformed into a multipurpose living space, that can considerably boost the value of your home. A loft conversion is among the best ways to invest in your very own home; it can deliver you up to 20% gain on your investment.

A room that was once the preserve of Xmas trees and outdated clothing can now be completely transformed into an extra bedroom, bathroom, study or all three.

If you love living in your house but you simply need more living space, sometimes a loft conversion can be your only option, but what an option it is. Loft rooms can be designed and structured to deliver you an additional bedroom with an ensuite, a children’s playroom or even a substantial walk-in wardrobe. Whatever you desire we can really help you to accomplish.

A loft conversion is the ideal way to increase the size and market value of your home. Not only does a professionally installed conversion make a great addition to your home it will also add market value to your home.

Provided that the correct permissions are secured, a loft conversion will add many thousands onto your homes value, usually far outweighing your investment.

Our loft conversion company not only covers the actual building work but also the headache of getting planning permission and submissions. This helps make converting your loft with our firm trouble free from start to finish.

Every one of our loft conversions are bespoke and we encourage as much input from yourselves as possible. If you do not like a certain idea, we will not do it. If there’s a specific element you really want then we will strive to ensure it gets done.

Loft conversions are a wonderful way to make use of the space in your roofing or attic. If looking for extra space in your house but do not want the hassle of moving out, this is the best remedy for you to take into consideration. You ‘d be surprised at how large your place really is.

All it takes is moving a couple of things around and you’ve got a lot of space. In this case, your roofing or attic can be transformed into an elegant room, suiting your requirements in every possible way.

Loft conversions are becoming very popular. With good reason too. Not only does this offer you much-needed room, but it’s also a wonderful way to increase your house value. If you make a decision to sell your property, a loft conversion could be the golden ticket. The great thing about it all is that it will not cost you much for a loft conversion.

What's more?

Save On Energy

When it comes to heat loss, your roofing area tops the list. With a loft conversion, you can minimise this by adding extra insulation. Also, you are going to require a lot of natural lighting for your loft. If done right, this will help to cut down on electricity expenses.

Have A Room For Multiple Use

You could turn your roofing or attic into just about any kind of room. Maybe a studio, separate washroom, bedroom, extended closet and a lot more. The only limitation is your imagination.

Breaking Down The Loft Conversion Process

When you have made a decision to have a loft conversion done, it would help you a great deal if you acquaint yourself with the building process. Have your design and building team take you through your project step by step. To start you off, we discuss how we set about this.

Assessing Your Roof

Before you begin the loft conversion process, first you need to have a professional survey of your roof done. Usually, this assists to figure out your roof’s structure in regards to height, width as well as amount of space. If there are any obstacles, like chimney or water storage tanks, we can begin preparing early on how to handle them. This information will be useful when you’re drawing the building plan as well.

Mansfield Loft Conversion - Attic Extension Contractors


Confirming The Task Can Be Accomplished Successfully

Secondly, we will need to verify that your roof or attic is viable for a loft conversion. You’ll have to consider variables such as your roofing’s stability and also your house’s structural integrity. This 2nd assessment reaffirms whether your home can take the extra weight of a loft conversion.

Drawing Up Your Building Plan

Next, our team will involve you in developing your loft’s structural layout. This is the section where your concepts come to life. You can explore different layouts with respect to the room available. You’ll be in a good position to discuss overall expenses, material used and also building processes.

Securing Building Permits

Before you carry out a loft conversion, you will require approval from the Building Regulation. Our building team can assist you out with the legal processes, making sure your efforts are successful.

When the authorizations are obtained, our team will begin working on your task. You can be as hands-on as you want, working with our staff to build the best loft conversion.

Don’t waste any time. Explore loft conversion options today!

Our team will totally convert your loft or attic area to improve your storage requirements with fixtures and fittings that will drastically improve your property and produce all the extra storage area you require at affordable prices.

Our professional team have more than 20 years knowledge of conducting high quality, specialist and economical loft conversions in the Mansfield area. We provide a fully comprehensive solution that specialises in turning your loft or attic area into a wonderfully designed, practical area, that gives you that extra space you’ve wanted.

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